Losing Kath

Love lost, read and found

That version of ‘Us’

‘That version of us’ There is a labyrinth you get unwillingly thrown into where you think the rules are about ‘quality of life’ over ‘quantity of time’, but it’s anything … Continue reading

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To have and to hold, and to never grow old

I don’t know why it’s taken me such a long time to decide to sit down and slowly tell my losing Jessica story more consciously focussed on doing so than … Continue reading

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The things we do for love

I once had a baby daughter we called Jessica Maria who was born on December 8th, approximately three weeks early. Those of you in the know, might also know that … Continue reading

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‘Now that the ground has settled’

Now that the ground has settled under my feet, I wonder if I am where I once thought I would be. November has been a month where the soil crumbled … Continue reading

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Kathy’s Cross

Most people are so continually conditioned to be fixated on what’s black or white, that they never think or want to talk about all the colours of the spectrum that … Continue reading

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“Dear Aimée, …”

Dear Aimée, As you prepare to make your Confirmation, my mind goes back to five years ago when your sister Hannah was preparing to do the same, and mummy was … Continue reading

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The importance of being Ernest

How I would have liked to wish my father-in-law ‘Happy 100th birthday Ernest’ in person. He was born 100 years ago on 25th January 1917 and seven years ago I … Continue reading

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