Losing Kath

Love lost, read and found

You and Me and a Wedding Anniversary

Today on May 16th I want to say, “Happy 16th Anniversary darling Kath”. It would have been impossible for me to think back then, that 16 years later despite the fact that you never left me, I be sat here celebrating alone and yet I do.
It was a magical day from beginning to end, the day ‘we’ became ‘us’ in the eyes of God and everyone that we knew.
Two years earlier I had asked your father’s permission for your hand in marriage and got the blessing I had hoped for then the time flew and soon he was putting your hand in mine on our wedding day.
You looked as radiant as ever but even more, like there was a light on under your veil as you walked down the aisle and that moment that I had dreamed of for nearly 12 years was finally here.
I had chased you for as long as I could remember, right back from the day I first met you at college and then walked you home each day down Nightingale Lane, passing the Surrey Tavern were for years with our friends we would all go and I longed to make you mine every minute along the way. So to see you finally walking down the aisle towards me was the dream coming true and at that point I would have taken anything that would come with your ‘I do’!
14 and a half years is what it gave me but as it turned out, your ‘I do’ came with much more.
I wish you were still here today for our anniversary dish and I could once again serve you a poorly but lovingly cooked ‘Lobster thermidore’, but that is no more! I wish that I could sit and chat to your dad, but that sadly too, is also no more. I wish our girls were growing up with you at home beside them but that too is no more. But today I don’t want to count what is no longer or no more.
Today I want to raise my glass and to count what you still are. Today is the anniversary of carrying you in my arms, my college sweetheart over the threshold and making our home. This day marks the day that you added my name to your own. It was the day that finally came where at the end of it, I no longer had to drive you back home, the day you finally came to me to stay. The day the most gorgeous girl at college, let me put a wedding ring on her finger in front of all of my friends and the day all of my family clapped and knew I had done well. It was the day a banquet was held because there was a ‘you and a me’.
That’s what today means, and everything there is now started first with a ‘yes’ to a question popped on the banks of the River Nile in summer of ’96’.
I have now three daughters who carry the anniversary in their names, of Katherine’s union to me; Plicio-Keattch. They may not have her at home but they have her forever in name. I may have Kath no more in the flesh but I have the daughters she bore me in her image and our union objectified.
You can’t wish for things back long after they’re gone. All you can do is look forward and hope you get what you wish for and for as long as they can last, and looking back fondly I can say, I got them all!
That is what I celebrate today here on my own. Happy anniversary darling, I might have lost ‘us’ but in our girls I have ‘you’. Since Losing Kath from my life, I am once again finding ‘me’, and that person in life, has been very lucky.

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