Losing Kath

Love lost, read and found

Angel of Christmas 

Who is the Angel on top of the tree? Is there an Angel looking out for me? Christmas is here, but where there should be, girls sitting around opening presents, … Continue reading

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Message in a bottle

The chronology of events leading up to Kath’s funeral is something that still has my head in a spin and throws my thoughts all out of kilter. Naturally those were … Continue reading

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Us ‘mere’ mortals

The telling of losing Kath from our lives have had me exploring too many accounts of uncanny coincidences and of shared anniversaries and repeating patterns through our lives, and yet … Continue reading

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The stuff that dreams are made of.

It is hard to be philosophical about things if they are tied to a rope that is anchored in pain. No matter how calm the surface waters may seem, the … Continue reading

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Only time separates the dead from the living.

You can’t possibly know in life, when you are ready to move on or what if the time comes, that even means.When you are happy and in love having built … Continue reading

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The young and the foolish

Young and foolish, isn’t that what they say? Being young doesn’t allow us the wisdom that comes with age, but who is to say that every decision a young person … Continue reading

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Being touched by a barge pole

As a widowed father who was once happily married, being touched with a barge pole was always the furthest thing from ever being on my mind.The worse part of being … Continue reading

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